How Business Can Help Students Make Good Career Choices … And Avoid the Mafia

June 8, 2016


Mark Schneider gives insight on how students and businesses can lessen the skills gap.

The skills gap impacts us all. From an underemployed friend or family member to a debt-laden millennial generation – it’s creating barriers to achieving life satisfaction and it’s holding back the U.S. economy. But how can we fix it? In today’s episode, we’ll hear about a new web-based resource designed to help narrow the skills gap. Guest Mark Schneider discusses how the tool, engineered with insight from the business community, will empower students to become informed consumers and make data-driven decisions about their career path based on tomorrow’s job market. Functioning as an ROI calculator, this tool could show results for both students and the business community. Bonus material: why joining the mafia is not the best career path. Learn more at